About Us

Let It Count is a boutique platform to help fund an idea or an ongoing project that is unique, solves a notable social problem and has been verified for authenticity and consistency.

What you’re probably thinking – Aren’t markets, charities, social funds and crowdfunding platforms already doing enough to tackle all the world issues? Well, till cleansing isn’t done at the grassroot level, and in a quantum unimaginable to us, the real problem will remain.

We at Let It Count figured that there were issues with the donor-recipient bridge that needed to be addressed. On the one hand we have numerous individuals who, despite being passionate about the social work, do end up quitting due to lack of funds and knowledge. And on the other hand, most donors today lack trust in the donation process and the assurance that their money will be utilized efficiently, honestly, and with full transparency.

We thought, could we find a way to connect willing yet sceptical donors to passionate individuals working on purposeful social cause projects? By conducting in-depth due diligence for each project/ NGO ensuring authenticity and impact and thereafter providing periodic post-funding monitoring, fund utilisation and evaluation reports, we feel we could indeed be the missing link. Our model ensures transparency and efficacy at each step, allowing deserving recipients to raise money more conveniently while providing donors the right avenue to deploy their funds.

Think of this as a seed/ pre-series funding platform for social causes. Why do you trust a venture capitalist start-up platform? Because they first filter and identify the best, then conduct a complete due diligence of the start-up and finally give you meaningful information that helps you take a sound decision. At Let It Count, we do the same for a social cause project. The only difference being – instead of you getting a return on your investment, people much less privileged than you get one 

"Think of Giving, not only as a Duty, but as a Privilege."