Access to Legal Education

Law is a powerful instrument that can be wielded by anyone to create positive social change, and who is better than those who practically know the ground reality and have the eagerness to change it? With a vision to empower underprivileged communities by facilitating their access to legal aid education and law colleges, the organisation is creating top lawyers from within.

This project provides the necessary tools to do this through three ways:

Sensitization: Volunteers travel across India to identify and sensitize underprivileged students to the power of the law, and the range of career options that await them.
Training: Selected students undergo free training including classroom coaching from India’s leading law entrance coaching centers, that enables them to ace entrance exams.
Making Champs: For students who excel in their exams, the organization supports their entire legal education and provides training, mentoring, placements and other assistance.

What sets them apart is the incredible impact they’ve had on the lives of underprivileged students across the country. With partnerships amongst some of the top law colleges in India, such as NLSIU and NNLU, the organization creates a network of support and provides critical resources to give underprivileged students the tools they need to excel in the legal profession.

With over 20,000 students impacted by their initiatives, the organization has helped create a more diverse and inclusive legal profession creating employment opportunities in various sectors including litigation, law firms, companies, international organizations, social activism, research, and legal journalism.

Let’s support their vision to create a more equitable and just society, where opportunities and adequate representation are accessible to all.