Founders Message

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work and what you do”,
– Steve Jobs.

I wanted to start when there was no looking back. After waiting 8 years for the ‘right time’ (though not much of a believer in wait times), struggling with every advisor telling me that the social sector in India is a ‘grey area’ with little concrete information, understanding the depth in which I’d have to involve myself emotionally besides a time & effort commitment, I launched ‘Let It Count’ in 2023 with a very clear motive – To build the most transparent platform for a donor where he can identify and fund social projects that make a REAL, life-changing impact.

I’ve always wondered how many of us have had this thought – Can we do something to help improve the lives of the marginalised in India? And then how many of us wait for the ‘right cause/time’ and eventually forget about it. Why don’t we simply help organisations already working passionately for years, closest to the causes they seek to address, rather than necessarily wait to start fresh ‘NGOs’/drives of our own? Can we not simply channelise CSR (or individual) funds, generated year after year, to causes that need it the most? Those that are authentic and making a life changing impact rather than a temporary or wasted one.

And that’s what we do at LET IT COUNT – provide a comprehensive solution for every donor – We identify some of the best projects in each state (not necessarily the fancy over funded ones) and rigorously & comprehensively evaluate them before onboarding so all donor doubts on authenticity are clarified. We assist donors through the fund transfer process adhering all compliances, and provide them a periodic report on how their contributions are making a difference. A ‘one-stop solution’ to ensure your donation truly counts.

I feel incredibly fortunate be able to witness, first-hand, how the funds we mobilise are changing one life after another. During our visits we have encountered heart-wrenching incidents – organisations grappling with the alarming rates of student/parent suicides, disabled children in villages left unattended for hours on make-shift toilets, screaming for someone to come and clean them, vulnerable children coerced into crime, and malnourished girls neglected solely because of their gender. I have been approached by children, the same age as my own, asking to touch my hand as no one’s ever come to their slum before. It surprising how much need exists beyond our comfortable lives and how much each of us can help, yet often doesn’t. Let’s start today!

Saatvika Bhargava – Founder & Director

"Think of Giving, not only as a Duty, but as a Privilege."