Key Problems

Key Problems being addressed

What’s running in a donors mind?

  • I want to help – but I don’t know if the donation platform or organisation is genuine
  • I’ve decided to donate to an NGO —- but wait, do they actually need that much money for the project?
  • I’ve donated a large sum — but how I wish I’d be updated regularly on how my money is being utilised
  • I want to do donate for a good cause — but I don’t have time to identify the good causes or check their authenticity
  • Can someone just please manage all my CSR funds, ploughing them in the best social causes, and monitoring impact regularly

Let It Count conducts

  • Identification of the most impactful and genuine projects across India
  • In-depth due diligence of each project conducted by high-level social-sector experts
  • Verification of budgets and impact forecasts to ensure authenticity and raising precisely the necessary funding
  • Physical site visits for every program, wherever it may be
  • Periodic reporting and fund utilization report to each donor for complete transparency.
  • Easy donation process
  • An option to come volunteer with the project you have funded*

What’s on a social worker’s mind?

  • I need to raise funds —- How? Who do I go to? Is it tough and time consuming?
  • I’m really passionate about this cause —– but if I keep fundraising, who’s going to focus on the real work?
  • I can use crowdfunding platforms —- but they don’t guarantee how much amount will be raised and how long it will take?
  • There is so much CSR funding —- But where is it going?

Let It Count provides

  • Donor identification, project proposals and fundraising
  • Full disbursement of funds to the social cause organisation with 0 charges/fees
  • A Platform to showcase the best social work being done
  • A thorough verification across all aspects of Governance, Finance, HR, Legal, Policies, Budgets, systems and Impact