Impactful Causes in Our Society

Let It Count's Impactful Causes in Our Society

India is a country known and celebrated for its diversity. That said, the more diverse  country, the more diverse the problems plaguing it. While some of India’s population is thriving, there are still numerous communities across the nation that are woefully underserved. These are people that with overwhelming odds staked against them.

Problems that are economic, environmental, and social are what a large majority of Indians face daily. Thanks to the advent of technology and a socially conscious young population, we may finally be able to make a lasting impact on the lives of many who were dealt a bad hand at life.

The advent of technology, for instance, has led to the emergence of various online platforms for donations in India. One such platform that has earned immense goodwill in the philanthropic industry recently is our very own – Let It Count.

In this article, we want to highlight on the impact we at Let it Count have made on the myriad of social causes afflicting the country.

Why Is Let It Count Popular?

To understand why Let It Count is so widely respected, first, we need to understand charity in India as it has traditionally operated. Here’s the thing about NGOs in India, there are a plethora of them across the nation, and yet the social issues that afflicted the underprivileged in the past persist today.

This can largely be attributed to the fact that not all NGOs in India can be trusted. While some organizations are too complacent to address social issues head-on, others can be characterized as straight-up fraudulent. As such, many donors in India are rightfully hesitant about the prospect of donating their hard-earned money to such institutions.

The issue of trust was what fundraising platforms in India like Let it Count addressed effectively. At Let it Count, we only list a cause or NGO on our platform after they’ve gone through rigorous vetting. We work closely with the most trusted NGOs in India. We also provide our donors with in-depth reports that allow them to measure the impact their contributions have made.

The Impact Caused by Let It Count on Our Society

Since its inception, Let It Count has shed light on many initiatives and causes that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed. Allow us to share two examples of causes that we are currently supporting in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The first one involves an organization that’s engaged in uplifting minors who are engaged in child labor practices or are simply wasting away their lives. The organization we visited is helping these children with school enrollment, post-school support, emotional understanding, parent counseling, etc.

The other example entails another organization in UP that’s striving to defeat the stigma surrounding menstruation. Besides training women in the use of menstrual cups, the organization is also educating the community men on the subject of menstruation as well.

Similarly, we are currently bringing awareness to a variety of organizations tackling a diverse range of social issues. This involves mental health education, child shelter, self-defense for women, providing aid to terminally ill children, and so much more.

To Conclude,

None of these issues can be alleviated without substantial monetary support. We at Let It Count spread awareness around such initiatives so donors can support these causes and make a lasting, positive impact on numerous lives.

If you wish to donate to an NGO in India or support a cause, then Let it Count provides you with an avenue you can trust.