Empowering Communities

Let It Count's Impactful Role in Sanitization and Hygiene Initiatives

With the threat of contagious diseases looming large, empowering communities to drive solutions that improve hygiene has become imperative. This is something we at Let It Count understand and take very seriously.

Over the years, we’ve worked with several of the most trusted NGOs in India to shed light on issues about hygiene that largely affect underprivileged communities in our country.

In this article, we wish to explain what Let it Count does and the role we are playing in supporting initiatives that focus on sanitization and hygiene.

What Does Let it Count Do?

Let it Count is a boutique platform that helps fund a project or initiative that’s focused on solving social problems. We function in the same way a typical fundraising platform in India would. We serve as a bridge between donors who wish to contribute and NGOs that could benefit from these contributions.

Today, there is no shortage of platforms such as our own in the country. However, what sets us apart is our commitment to being as reliable and transparent as possible. We host a myriad of high-impact social projects on our platform that all deserve equal attention and care.

Each of these projects is thoroughly verified for their authenticity. They are deemed eligible to be listed on our platform only after they’ve gone through a rigorous evaluation and monitoring process.

We manage the donation process from start to finish and ensure complete transparency throughout the process. We acquaint you with the insights and the in-depth reporting you need to measure the impact of your contributions.

Since our inception, we’ve helped support several social causes with resounding success. This also involves issues that concern hygiene and sanitization.

Below is one such example of a project that Let it Count is currently supporting.

Let it Count’s Impact on Raising Support for Causes On Hygiene

While India is rapidly progressing, there are still sections of our country that are still regressive, especially when it comes to menstruation. You will be surprised to know that a majority of women living in rural parts of the country are still stigmatized for having menstrual cycles.

Many of these women can’t even afford sanitary pads, which is a basic necessity for them. There are 355 million menstruating women in India and only 36% of them use sanitary napkins. Needless to say, a sizeable number of India’s women are exposed to serious health risks due to poor hygiene… a travesty that can be attributed to the stigma that surrounds menstruation.

Recently, Let it Count’s team had the privilege of visiting an organization in Uttar Pradesh, India that’s engaged in promoting the use of menstrual cups among extremely low-income communities. The organization also educates the men in these communities about their acceptability and awareness.

The initiative could make a positive impact on the lives of over 11,000 girls. It could also serve as a pilot program that can be replicated in other cities. Organizations and NGOs in India that spearhead causes like these need monetary support to thrive.

By spreading awareness about NGOs in India, we at Let it Count ensure such initiatives have the funds necessary to make a lasting impact on our society.


There are many causes similar to the one mentioned above that deserve our attention and support.

If you wish to donate to NGOs in India that are handling hygiene and sanitization initiatives, you can rely on Let it Count to make a measurable impact on our underserved communities.

Reach out to our team to learn more or visit our official website to explore causes that could benefit from your support.