Support a Cause in 2023
Feel the Change

Though unfortunately, there is no shortage of societal and economic problems in India. However, there is also no shortage of Indians willing to stand up and tackle these issues hands-on. For a long time, it was extremely challenging for NGOs to raise funds or for donors to identify and support a cause they cared deeply about.

With how ubiquitous smartphones and the internet have become in recent years, there are very few ‘inconveniences’ stopping you from supporting any notable and worthy cause. Besides digital innovation, however, there is one more thing that has made charity work more convenient than it previously was.

We are, of course, talking about the proliferation of online fundraising platforms in recent years. As a prominent platform for donations, trust us at Let it Count when we tell you that there was never a better way or time than ‘now’ to be a donor.

The Convenience and Accessibility

Fundraise platforms have revolutionized philanthropy. It is now easier than ever for anyone to donate to causes that they are passionate about. There was a time when you had to physically visit an NGO in India or navigate through oodles of checks and paperwork just to support a cause you cared about.

In 2023, however, you don’t have to put yourself through this tedious ordeal. Donations can be made from the comfort of your home if you have a computer and a stable internet connection. Online platforms for donations have made it possible for a person sitting in India to not only support local initiatives but also support global movements.

An Array of Causes to Support at Your Fingertips

Online donation platforms present a diverse range of causes and sectors to support. From offering quality education to underprivileged children and aiding disaster relief efforts to participating in healthcare initiatives, you can find numerous causes to support on a platform for donations.

On Let it Count’s platform alone, you’ll find causes pertaining to almost all sectors like child protection, education, cancer care, mental health and much more. What’s more? These projects are all:

  • High Impact and sustainable
  • Working on the root cause rather than a temporary symptom
  • Vetted in depth from a Due Diligence point of view
  • Across sectors and geographies so you can choose what area you want to support
  • Those that provide the donor a detailed monitoring and evaluation report post funding

A Higher Degree of Transparency

As a reputable platform ourselves, here at Let it Count we are committed to ensuring your money reaches its intended beneficiaries. We offer detailed reports on projects so you can track a particular social project’s progress yourself.

This level of transparency is unmatched by traditional and antiquated methods of charity that have persisted over the years. The transparency offered by online donation platforms today helps donors make informed decisions and donate with peace of mind.

Effective Engagement with Nonprofits and NGO’s in India

Online platforms for donations incite direct engagement with NGOs and nonprofits who are busy dealing with pressing social and environmental challenges. Platforms such as ours let you explore the mission and activities that NGOs in India are focusing their efforts on.

You are presented with all the insight you need about their initiatives. You can reach out to these organizations directly to understand how exactly your support can help them. Fundraise platforms have even gone a step further today and provide donors with the opportunity to interact with the beneficiaries of their donations directly.

Becoming an Advocate for Change

Fundraising platforms let you invite friends and family members in your philanthropic endeavors as well. You can share the campaigns listed on fundraising platforms on social channels and amplify the project’s reach. You have the power to inspire others to support a cause.

You have the privilege of shedding light on an issue that would have otherwise been left in the dark. By influencing others into supporting a cause, you yourself become an advocate for positive change.

Measure Your Impact

With the traditional route of charity, the donor was often left in the dark. They never truly knew whether their contributions made any notable impact. This is a problem that isn’t prevalent with online donation platforms in 2023. Here at Let it Count, for instance, we provide donors with comprehensive fun-utilisation reports and the tools necessary to track the progress of a project.


Supporting a cause has never been as rewarding or more accessible as it is today. Whatever the cause you are passionate about, whether it is education, social justice, or healthcare, you can lend your support via online platforms like Let it Count(Let it Count) in just a few clicks.

So if you are someone who wishes to embark on a philanthropic journey, there are a ton of online donation platforms that you can turn to in order to support a cause in 2023. At Let it Count, we’ll channel your generosity towards the right cause and help you become a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others.