Child Protection & Shelter Homes

A shelter home for girls aged between 6-18 years, where they protect, educate and foster a family environment for them.

As girls share their stories – of being physically, sexually & psychologically abused, exploited, deprived, and abandoned, rehabilitation becomes crucial, to help rebuild confidence, self-esteem, and emotional and physical well-being.

Registered under the Juvenile and Justice Act of 2015, this home becomes a measure of last resort for girls whose lives are at risk in their existing environment. These homes, ordered by the Child Welfare Committee, Delhi, offer protection, good education, healthcare, individual attention, empowerment and legal support in a family-like environment. Each Home accommodates a maximum of 20 children, to ensure quality care.

The project also tackles gender disparities, challenging traditional norms and stereotypes that perpetuate discrimination and inequality. Even within the organization, women occupy key management positions, serving as powerful role models for the beneficiaries.

The program goes the extra mile, actively working to equip the girls with the necessary tools for building an independent mindset and a self-sustainable future. By ensuring the best – education in well-established private schools, vocational training, extra-curricular activities, sports lessons, life skills development and practical exposure amongst other mental & emotional support services, these homes nurture confidence, resilience and empowerment in each of its inmates ensuring a bright future, the hope of which they had once lost.

Your support for a child (annual or one-time) in their ‘safe homes’ can help re-write their stories – of healing and recovery, of hopes and dreams and self-led achievements.