Digital literacy & Igniting Dreams

With a motto of ‘A Child Friendly World’, this project proposes to provide a conducive environment, especially for young adolescent girls from marginalised communities, to ensure their survival, development, protection and participation. They focus on access to educational and vocational opportunities to help build the confidence and intellectual capacity of these individuals towards a more stable and secure life. Children are the most vulnerable sections of society, as they are the easiest targets for domestic, physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. This project partners with all the stakeholders of the society, including police, parents, teachers, community workers amongst others etc to make the environment child-friendly.

Through one of their projects – Digital Learning Centres – situated in the urban slums of Indore, this organisation provides both – digital literacy and all round development for girls to be able to stand up for their rights and in-turn make a sound career choice.

Working for almost two decades towards their goal, this organisation seeks support for two new Digital Learning Centres in Dhar and Dewas districts, for ~400 girls from 10 identified communities to receive digital skills training using NIIT modules with certifications on successful completion of the course.

This project goes beyond just a certification ensuring equal learning and career opportunities to each of their beneficiaries linking them to Social Security schemes, scholarships, government/private opportunities and imparting life skills, empowering each child to take informed decision for themselves.

We know knowledge is power, but the path to get there isn’t an easy one for these young girls. Can we help them change the course of their otherwise undervalued lives?