Disability & Education

A better world for children with Disabilities!!

The Foundation has been working relentlessly for over 25 years to establish an inclusive society where people with disabilities are valued and included. Despite the fact that 15% of the world’s population – over 1 billion people – keeps facing barriers to accessing facilities and resources, the foundation remains committed to providing a fair opportunity for everyone.

The foundation works across multiple programs and centres that offer specialized assistance to children and young adults with special needs.

Program 1: The earlier the identification the better. Placed within the state’s largest Government hospital, to help assess high-risk newborns, Program 1 is the foundation’s walk-in center for assessment and home management. This was subsequently appointed to set up District Early Intervention Centres across the state, for early identification and access to families of children with special needs in rural areas.

Program 2: In this center, children aged up to six years receive individualized, activity-based therapies that emphasize learning through play with a positive environment that celebrates each child’s talents and strengths. The fact that this program not only focuses on the kids but also educates and councils parents on early intervention techniques and management, so they may help their kids overcome developmental challenges, is one of its greatest highlights.

Program 3: caters to children with disabilities from the age of 7-14 years. The curriculum provided is tailored to each child’s specific requirements and talents, with the ultimate goal of developing independence, confidence, and social interaction.

To ensure greater financial independence and social inclusion, the program offers vocational training programs that teach practical skills such as cooking, sewing, gardening, and much more. By equipping children with marketable skills, the center aims to help them achieve financial independence and greater social acceptance and involvement. The program also helps them get placed with their partner organizations, based on their preferences and skills.

Over the years the organization has provided assessments, medical care, physical therapy, education, and counseling to thousands of disabled children and their families, giving them equal opportunities and a purpose in life.