Ecology Inclusive Economy
Via Water Management

Developing an ‘ECOLOGY INCLUSIVE ECONOMY’ is their main target.

In its essence the NGO truly is rural as it derives inspiration from the villages it serves and devises solutions for their problems. It focuses on their economic and development needs and encourages them to tap local resources that open up new avenues towards self- reliance. For the last 30 years armed with advanced knowledge of the environmental sciences, a robust team of scientists and low-cost technologies they have been making rural societies self-sustainable in some of the most innovative ways. They live in rural Himalayan villages enhancing field research, to make sure that the technology they suggest is locally repairable and easy to operate at low cost.

They have garnered much international as well as national acclaim. Their Founder and visionary force, was bestowed with the Padma Shri Award and thereafter the Padma Bhushan (fourth & third highest civilian award in India) for excellence in Environmental Conservation.

This project addresses the unique challenge of promoting ecological preservation alongside economic prosperity, recognizing the delicate balance of mountain ecosystems. By focusing on WATER as a central commodity, the project seeks to enhance water availability and quality through watershed management practices, including recharging of springs, streams, and rivers. This initiative not only revitalizes essential water sources but also leverages local resources such as soil, water, and forests to uplift mountain communities and their living standards. They help revive traditional crops through sustainable agriculture and develop orchards adding immense value to local produce.

Working across various districts of Uttarakhand, the project directly benefits over 3000 individuals and their families. Through meticulous baseline data analysis, these figures have been calculated, considering average household sizes and community structures.

The project’s overarching goal is to establish a model for inclusive and sustainable development by harmonizing ecological preservation with economic growth. It leverages local resources such as soil, water, and forests to uplift mountain communities. Through water management, sustainable agriculture and orchard development, traditional crops will be revived, millets promoted, and advanced horticulture practices introduced; impacting innumerous lives through income generation and economic prosperity and helping immensely in environmental conservation.