Educational Villages & Possibilities

It is a different feeling, no less than a miracle, when children in masses, who were once seen wasting year after year post-schooling on everything unproductive, are now placed in some of the more recognized companies around the world. These children who didn’t know what existed beyond their villages, to even be able to dream big and now working in big cities and respectable posts. We wonder, are life changing stories like this for real? And that too year after year ?

Established in 2010 this project aims at transforming the backward landscape of the area in M.P., through their undergraduate college courses catering to the youth of multiple surrounding villages. It provides education to approximately 400 students every year. Since 2010, 4000 students have passed out of this institute, 2000 students have been placed in MNCs (of which 50% are girls), and ~1500 students have secured admissions in prestigious colleges for higher education.

A very BOLD, unique and innovative program, focussing on practical learning and implementation rather than just theory, they have also established 3 IT companies within the college itself that provide software services to Germany, Australia and the USA as well as first-hand practical IT training to students.

To bring about this socio-economic transformation of the extremely rural landscape surrounding this institution, this educational society has adopted three programs – ITEG (Information Technology Excellence Group), BEG (Bio Excellence Group), and MEG (Management Excellence Group). These programs are followed by a three-level certification process where students go through various skill development trainings. After the successful completion of certifications, the students get to choose between three options – Placements, Higher education, or Entrepreneurship – for which the college provides full support.

From internal activities that focus on classroom-based learning, where students understand their course perspective and develop skills like- presentation, software development, creating modules and so on to external activities involving expert sessions, physical visits to IT companies across the country, educational exhibitions and spiritual trips, they create a well-rounded and transformational educational journey for each student. These activities’ impact is evident in their achievements in producing 20 university female toppers and multiple ‘star employees’ at renowned companies. This project is indeed changing the rural landscape of MP pushing the living standards and productivity towards a more sustainable INDIA.