Girl Rehabilitation and Skilling

Established in 1945 under the leadership of ‘two strong women visionaries, this NGO nestled in the hills of Uttarakhand has been a beacon of hope for in numerous young girls. It has empowered up-to 500 students, offering them not only shelter and housing but also a rich array of academic education, extracurricular activities, including cooking, sewing, computer literacy, sports, singing, and dancing. Beyond traditional schooling, the girls are encouraged to pursue vital life skills such as nursing, computer proficiency, and teaching, ensuring they have clear career pathways.

The home, well equipped with all necessary requirements, is managed immaculately under the ownership of its little residents. Small groups of girls take charge of cleaning, cooking, maintenance and elderly inmates care besides their daily education and personal chores, instilling a sense of belonging and responsibility. Each resident, some abandoned are placed here due to incapability of their families providing them a decent living standard. They start the day with Vedic learning and chants which could be seen in their calm, poise and graceful behaviour, in the face of life-adversities they otherwise face.

This organisation also extends refuge to elderly deprived women in a wing within the campus. The old age home is not only a refuge the elderly seek but a platform to flourish, learn skills and set an example for the younger youth.

Overall, this project supports women, young or old , from all walks of life. It imparts young women a good upbringing, imparts them with life skills and makes them independent. On the other hand it nurtures elderly women, offering them a spectrum of hope for a peaceful life in their later years.