Hope for Terminally Ill Children

Can you think of a better feeling than fulfilling the wish of a child who may not have much long to live? This organization grants the wishes of childrenwith life-threatening medical conditions, delivered through the most memorable experiences.
With its operations across ten cities in India, the organization has granted over 80,000 wishes, with a goal to grant a wish to the 100,000th child by April 2025.

Where the joys of childhood are replaced with a daily battle for survival, painful treatment, medication, parent distress and endless hospital rounds, this program helps give the child something to cherish. Research says that giving a patient something to look forward to and live for, has a significant positive impact on their physical, psychological and emotional well-being and also response to treatment. Moreover, the joy in their eyes, from having their most unimaginable yet dearest wish fulfilled, amidst the harrowing daily struggles of illnesses, is a feeling unmatchable to any other in the world.

A dedicated team of volunteers and staff go above and beyond to understand, indirectly, the unique desires of each child and strive to create personalized wish experiences that will leave a lasting impact. Whether it’s meeting a personal favorite celebrity, dining with a cartoon character, going on a flight to a city they have dreamt about, or getting a laptop or toy, the organization leaves nothing unturned to ensure that each wish is a truly transformative experience.

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