Innovative Education

Today only 25% of students in Grade 3 can do basic subtraction. Have you wondered why children, especially from low-income and marginalized communities, show such low academic performance? Limited resources and inadequate infrastructure play a major role but so does lack of personalised level-based learning, feedback, or parental capability to support their child’s learning curve. These otherwise, high potential children, face barriers to education that prevent them from reaching their true capability. Inspired by the Japanese Kumon Model, this innovative education concept encourages each child to learn and improve daily at the right level and pace through customized self-learning and progressive practice sheets (in Maths & English), spanning across a child’s 5 foundational years.

This is done through two ways:

The Practice Period(In-School Model) – is an initiative that has helped over 15,000 students in developing their mathematical skills. This program focuses on personalized learning experiences and ensures that students gain a strong foundation in arithmetic. Post an aptitude test, students receive daily practice sheets, based on incremental advancement pedagogy and data-driven algorithms, 40 minutes each. This is done as part of their school curriculum. Each child’s progress is monitored through a comprehensive technology platform and worksheet levels are adjusted daily to ensure a child is constantly learning, challenged and engaged.

Parent Relationship Management (At-Home Model) – empowers parents, especially mothers, to be active partners in their children’s learning process. The program focuses on leveraging the critical “at-home” time children spend through daily practice sheets. The program fosters meaningful relationships between teachers and parents by providing regular counseling. With an automated WhatsApp bot, and a well-backed tech platform, communication and feedback between parents, students, and teachers is done daily, and each child learns and improves at the right level and pace through self-learning practice sheets based on his/her daily progress.

The program’s efforts have resulted in a high rate of enrolment, impacting over 10,000 families with an impressive parent engagement rate of 85% and 1.5x times better academic results without any extra burden on teachers or parents.