Legal Aid & Advocacy

Created with the mission of expanding access to the law – in particular, to victims of human rights violations, especially women and children, the organisation currently operates out of two centers in Delhi.

They provide legal aid, educational programs, awareness of legal entitlements, and pro-bono litigation services to those economically weaker, by bringing these services to their doorstep. This project is innovative as there are many people in our society, particularly women and children, who are the silent sufferers of violence perpetrated upon them by unsocial elements but they are not in a position to approach the police, court, or any other, hence are deprived of their basic human rights.

In order to further their advocacy work and address a core gap, the organization is conducting a RTI-based data-driven study. The study will provide statistics on compliance with POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) laws by educational institutions directly under the Delhi Government. As a part of the study, they are assessing the standards of compliance in over 100 colleges and 1000+ schools. The unique factor in the present study is that besides conducting regular awareness and sensitization workshops across these institutions based on the report analysis, the report generated shall be used directly to engage with the government to come up with a revised deadline for basic POSH compliances in these institutions.

Thereafter, the team is looking at templatizing the model for other organizations under the Delhi Government – e.g. hospitals, government offices, etc.

According to a report by Forbes, harassment complaints at workplaces in India climbed by 27% in the year 2021-22 compared to the previous year, and needless to say, those in the Government organizations further lacked reporting. This RTI-fuelled study will make way for a more inclusive and safe work environment for women in their organizations.

They have recently been funded by the Azim Premji Foundation as a nascent organization with tremendous potential for growth.