Making Every Child A Change Maker

Rooted in the principles of child rights, with a rich legacy spanning two decades their approach champions child participation, protection, health, sanitation, nutrition, education, gender equality, and environmental stewardship, fostering citizenship and combating discrimination in all forms through practical adaptation and practice.

Uniquely positioned at the nexus of community empowerment and child advocacy, working with children aged 4-18 years in 16 villages of the Uttarakhand mountain region, this program transcends geographical boundaries to impact over 30,000 individuals directly and indirectly. Leveraging the scalability of the model, they envisage a ripple effect, where children emerge as catalysts for change, nudging entire communities towards holistic development. Each project’s duration spans atleast three years, with a blend of established and new villages, ensuring continuity, impact and innovation in their endeavours.

At its core, these initiative operates on two fronts: the ‘Child Communities’ and the Anganwadis. Through the first, children aged 8-18 emerge as change agents, equipped with soft skills, trained and empowered to champion critical issues ranging from health and sanitation to gender equality and disaster mitigation in their respective villages. Their influence and periodic children-driven audits extend beyond the confines of their homes, reshaping community knowledge, attitudes and practices. Meanwhile, at the Anganwadis, it strengthens early childhood care and education, nurturing healthy, prepared youngsters ready to embrace formal schooling. The Mothers Groups, serve as pillars of support, ensuring transparency and efficacy within the Anganwadi system while safeguarding children’s growth and well-being.

In tandem with nurturing child-led transformation, this project ventures to bolster village-level child protection committees, bridging the gap between policy and practice. By empowering these committees, they pave the way for proactive, community-driven solutions to safeguard children’s rights. Through strategic alliances and grassroots mobilization, this NGO pioneers a holistic approach to child-centric development and their future preparedness.