Transforming School Leadership

Empower and upskill school leaders – the future of 250 million Indian students is in their hands Over 1.5 million school principals in India lack the skills required to manage schools or prepare children for the real world. The problem is multifold in under-resourced communities.

This program partners with schools, state governments, individuals and social purpose organizations to enable school leadership development at scale and create stimulating learning environments that foster 21st-century needs and skills.

With the belief that education is the key to building a sustainable future, they have identified pressing needs for better education in multiple states – the proposed one being Himachal Pradesh.
Through the pandemic, the education sector in Himachal Pradesh was hit particularly hard. Students in Grades 3 to 5 experienced a significant decline in foundational skills, with a drop of 19 percentage points in children’s ability to read at a standard II level. The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2021 reveals alarming statistics, indicating that 40% of Grade 3 students in Himachal Pradesh cannot read basic English and 47.6% struggle with basic math. The closure of schools during the pandemic, combined with limited access to tuition, exacerbated these challenges. Through one of its upcoming programs, the organization is working to address these challenges using innovative and tested project-based learning techniques and scaling it through the government DIKSHA portal for mass reach and adaptation. Through intense teacher training and curriculums that focus on real-world projects, students have the opportunity to think critically and creatively and apply their knowledge and skills in a meaningful way.

The organization works across 5 prime areas:

  • Amplify Existing Leadership and management through training and support
  • Coach principals to become CEOs and Entrepreneurs to maximize outcomes from limited resources through training, community learnings and partnerships
  • Certify educators to become school coaches and in turn train leadership panels
  • Partner with the Government for capacity building across
  • Develop curriculums and assessment mechanisms

The future of children is in the hands of educators with inadequate skills, knowledge, motivation, or capacity – Let’s help fix that!