Wholistic Cancer Care for Young Adults

Cancer is an increasingly prevalent disease worldwide. In India alone, over 14 lakh new cancer patients are registered each year. Moreover, according to WHO, India bears 20% of the global childhood cancer burden, with approximately 75000 kids getting cancer each year.(source below)

Cancer, as most know, takes a long-lasting toll on individuals, families, and communities alike. A fraction of these children, who even manage getting to a hospital/doctor, are often placed in general wards that do not cater to even a small fragment of the care and support they truly require. Amidst this grim reality, this organization stands as a ray of hope and support for those impacted by cancer, especially children and young adults. The program provides 360-degree support to children, teenagers, and young adults from low-income families who suffer immensely trying to get the care they require in the public health system.

What sets the Foundation apart is its compassionate and holistic approach to supporting cancer patients and their families. They understand that those affected by cancer need more than just financial assistance – they need emotional, physical, and social support as well.

The program provides essential cancer care support through the following programs, designed with careful attention to detail:

Home Program: The Home Program is a commendable initiative that provides free, temporary housing to cancer patients and their families, removing the added burden of finding accommodation in a difficult time and a new (treatment) location. Since its inception, this program has benefited over 100 patients, offering peace of mind during challenging times.

Life Program: The Life Program provides comprehensive assistance to patients battling cancer, ensuring their physical and mental well-being. Project B has partnered with 50 leading hospitals, including KEM, LTMG Sion, Wadia, Tata Hospital, and other Foundations for the same.

BMT Project: The BMT Project provides financial assistance and mental support to patients who require bone marrow transplants. Their efforts have benefitted over 450 patients who were able to receive treatment stress-free, in addition to ensuring that patients had access to crucial services such as accommodation, food, and transportation, for a more comfortable and accessible treatment.

Heart Initiative: In addition to their cancer-related initiatives, the Heart Initiative seeks to support families of children diagnosed with heart disease. Working alongside hospitals that specialize in heart disease, the organization has supported over 340 heart surgeries and transplants within the first two years.

Ewing’s Sarcoma Project: Through the Ewings Sarcoma Project, the foundation has helped over 300 patients diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of cancer, providing them with financial assistance, shelter, food, and medical support.

With a strong belief that there is more to healing than just medicine, this organization has positively impacted the lives of countless children and families affected by cancer.